We want our customers to feel valued, informed and, well…… loved. Instead of us keeping all the useful information about boat sales to ourselves, we have developed some tools to allow our customers to keep themselves informed whilst selling a boat and when looking for a new boat.

My Boatshed - Activity tab

This is your personal Boatshed account which you can customise, save searches, read news, watch activity on your boats for sale.

Once you have logged into Boatshed you will find a tab at the top called: ‘My Boatshed'. Here you can create your own personalised page with boats that you are keeping an eye on, and news portal specifically related to the boats and information that you are interested in.

You can...

  • Watch Boats
  • View a list of boats you have previously looked at
  • View recently added boats
  • Blogs & news
  • Saved Searches
  • My Boat - for boat sellers
  • Edit your details
  • Change your password

Watched Boats - Keep your favourite boats in one place.

Boats you have viewed - Lost a boat that you have previously looked at, now you can view this list, click on the boat and set it to "Watched Boats".

Recently added boats - New boats for sale are uploaded constantly onto Boatshed, so that you don't miss out we publish a list that you can go back to.

Blogs & news - Keep updated with local, national and international news from Boatshed, plus "Offers and Competitions".

Saved Searches - There are many boats to choose from at Boatshed.com, but sometimes you may not be able to find exactly what you are looking for. With new boats being added regularly, your ideal boat may be just around the corner, but you don't want to have to persistently check back every hour. The Saved Searches feature allows you to tap to save the search you are currently doing - whether that be for a 30ft sail boat or more specific with manufacturer, price and age. When a boat matching your spec is listed we will email to let you know. There is no limit to how many boats you can save your search for - we will send them altogether maximum once a day.

My Boat - For boat sellers - Getting regular updates from your yacht broker about sales activity on your boat is vital. Boatshed already have a variety of feedback systems to make sure owners are kept up to date with activity. However as an extension to this, Boatshed now have a new secure area where owners of boats can get live information on the activity and sales data for their boat for sale.

  • View activity on your boat for sale
  • Detailed viewing statistics for your boat
  • View historic price reductions
  • Request price adjustments and new marketing
  • View boat documents uploaded by your broker
  • Request an appointment with your broker
  • Enter your boat into the next boat auction

You can edit your details - Ability to change your details.

Change your password - Access to My Boat area needs a password.

Whether you are buying or selling a boat at Boatshed we keep you fully informed at every stage of our comprehensive sales process. Read full article here...