With the British pound is on a seven year high against the Euro which could remain for the next few months and is excellent news for boat buyers. As the Euro continues to slide British pound, if you are thinking of buying a boat in the Euro zone can take advantage of this shift, with Portugal and Spain offering some of the lowest travel and accommodation costs in the EU, making it very attractive to look for boats on these shores. With Boatshed offices covering France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Croatia and Gibraltar its worth comparing the currency rates to get the best deal for your money and to get your perfect boat.

The US dollar has been soaring against most currencies and is currently the strongest it has been against the British pound for five years.

The British pound is also at a six-year high against both the Canadian and Australian dollars.

Buying a boat

The first step is to choose a boat that suits your needs. At Boatshed.com we have a vast selection of all types of boats so we hope we’ll have just what you are looking for. You can search our boats for sale in a wide variety of ways. If you not sure exactly what you want then why not contact one of our qualified Boatshed Brokers to discuss it with them.

We have a detailed description and inventory of each boat listed with Boatshed.com which you can view on-line. We also have up to 80 photos of each boat but we do ask you to register your details with us before you can view these as they inevitably show personal items belonging to the boat’s current owner. The registration process is quick and simple and you only have to do it once no matter how many boats you view. Register with Boatshed.

Once you decide that you’d like more information or to arrange a viewing on a boat you need to contact the local Boatshed broker who is handling the sale. Their details can be found on the link in the broker’s comment box. Drop them an email or give them a call they’ll only be too happy to chat about the boat with you.

Boat Auction news

  • In April we have an auction for European boats
  • In May take advantage of our USA boat auction starting on the 14th May, catalogue is released on the 14th April.