Wednesday July 6th 2005 Murrayfield

The sound of camera shutters still ringing in our ears after our tremendous welcome into Portsmouth Harbour after Sail 8, we loaded into the Boatshed Battle Bus and headed north towards Murrayfield in Scotland .

8 hours later we arrive in Scotland and collect our Live 8 VIP tickets, felt a bit like the “Golden” Tickets in “Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory”

To be greeted by the “Proclaimers” singing “500 Miles” as we took our seats and 50,000 people all screaming was a good introduction to the night ahead !

One thing about Scotland , they know how to put on a concert !

The final set by James Brown got the Boatshed crew leaping about in true Scottish style.

“Would you like to come and meet Bob ? “ we were asked after the show, “Sure” we said all grinning !

We went back stage and met Bob who was full of praise for our sailing trip. We were in the process of trying to convince Bob that a boat would be an investment at the present time when Bono arrives to say Hi.

A typical Boatshed conversation now starts up about favourite boats and experiences, photos flash, cameras whir away. Much teasing and joking continues and before we know it we are invited to the private backstage party.......

Bono…Bob….Eddie Izzard……Will Young……Lenny Henry.....Fran (Travis)…….. and lots of famous people who needed to know about Boatshed.

Excellent Cocktails !

More Excellent Cocktails!!!

Even More Excellent Cocktails!!!

Suddenly its 6am!!

We hunt down our Boatshed jackets, too hot to boogie in, you know !

Bit of a rest and it's 9 hours back to HQ in Portsmouth ……

Exhausting work this trying to sell boats to the stars !!

Thanks to all for their hospitality and generosity

See for another story