Steve Black Boatshed Texas: “My 16’ Old Town Canoe with a Lean Green Lehr
propane gas outboard motor, perfect for Boatshed Texas media crew to go shoot photos & video of prospective listings (my favourite part of the business ;)

Thanks to Boatshed’s modular approach to Yacht Brokerage, Capt. Steve Black can run his yacht management business and make sales with Boatshed.
No one loves the sea more than Capt.Steve of Corpus Christi, Texas. Steve
has worked on boats and in the marine industry for nearly 25 years, most of his adult working life. While running a successful management and
maintenance business on yachts for many years, Capt. Steve began looking
for a new challenge, and found

“I liked the original approach Boatshed takes to the Yacht Brokerage business. I very much liked the fact that I could work as a Boatshed Broker while still running my existing business. So I took the plunge, and, two years later, I’ve found myself with two successful businesses.”

Thanks to Boatshed’s innovative modular approach, the boat-sales process is broken down into different phases. Capt. Steve finds listings for sale, uploads photos and video and these are quickly and accurately matched with buyers thanks to Boatshed’s cutting-edge online platform.

Boatshed’s international operations team handle the negotiation and the
formalities, while Capt.Steve earns a 40% share of the commission.
“Boatshed supports my work with technology and expertise, and that
permits me to work flexibly and spend time on my other business as well,”
Steve explains.

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